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3 Things that Lead to Manifestation

Hey queens, HEYYYY! We talk a lot about manifestation these days. Here are 3 quick steps that will either yield positive manifestation or the unfortunate negative manifestation.

Before we get into it, I should pose the question... Do you believe you have the power to create the life you desire?

Many people are either on the manifestation "train" or they aren't, so it is important to check in with self to see where you fall on the spectrum of this before taking in what I plan to share.

2 things you should know about manifestation:
  1. Every #PRAYER ends in manifestation.

  2. And every #MANIFESTATION begins with prayer.

With that being said, what is is you are praying for or asking for?

Your prayer/ask is your faith to believe for the thing that you have yet to see (manifest).

And manifestation is the work/action that you do to create the desire in which you have prayed for.

So how do you go about manifesting your desired life?

First you have to know that the thoughts you choose will eventually determine the results of your life.

  1. You have to determine what you believe, because your beliefs determine your thoughts.

  2. Once you determine what is driving your thoughts, then your get better understanding for what you are feeling.

  3. And once you get in tune with what you are feeling you can control your actions.

See our thoughts become our feelings and our feelings create our action and determine our behavior.

So if you are ready to manifest your desired life start by focusing on these 3 things.

Give yourself permission to dream big and recreate your story, because you deserve it.

I'm here for you. I support you. I love you.

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