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Meet Crystal

In order to give life your best, you have to be your best!

Crystal Timberlake

Entrepreneur, Certified Purpose Coach, Best-Selling Author, Mom, Wife and Empowerment speaker

Crystal is a life experience inspirational leader, truth keeper, empathic and understanding unique character who delivers relevant messages of aspiration through real, raw and diverse discussions regarding relationships, trauma & abuse healing, and purpose.


With her bubbly personality and refreshing unbiased opinions, she is a voice in the life, relationship and purpose building community. She has a keen outlook on the representation of woman and community diversion. While Crystal's skills include helping women recover from trauma her passion and purpose is to help women turn their pain into purpose, because she believes everyone can have a life the are excited to wake up to! Crystal founded Vision From the Valley a 12 step program to help women heal trauma, discover their purpose and recreate their story.

Crystal is a Domestic Violence Advocate, International Empowerment Speaker, Certified Inner Healing Transformation Coach/Mentor, and Best Selling Author. Through her personal life experience and educational background, she educates and influences women to regain their power and take back the control in their lives. Crystal is a living witness that there IS LIFE AFTER TRAUMA and ABUSE. 

She advocates, inspires, uplifts and encourages individuals to develop healthy relationships with themselves and others by using a 360 coaching approach. She believes that in order to give life its best, you have to be your best. 

Crystal is the Founder of Boundaries Over Brokenness LLC. 


In addition, Crystal's proudest accomplishments include being a mom and a wife to her beautiful son and husband of 10 years.

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